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Kingdom Citizens Pavilion is inspired and operates on the communitas model. We are unstructured and all members of the community live in the reality of their biblical identity as priest unto God taking the burdens and the challenges of their world to God and as Kings to the earth addressing the needs of their world with Godly wisdom, values and power. Kingdom Citizens Pavilion members share a common experience through a home-grown rite of passage creating an environment for members to become maturing saints.

Supervising Pastor – Mrs. Joy Bawo Agada

This AGF as the name implies is a collection of artists who have shown a desire to capture the message of God’s kingdom in various art forms. They are committed to the Cause of being God’s conduit to relay His message and instruction via deep meaningful art expressions not only for the KCP community but especially for our host community of Jenta.

Supervising Pastor – Idris Sogbade

The Health AGF has made great strides in collaboration with Patris Empowerment Initiative to offer free health care services relevant to our host community which is Jenta in Jos North local government. This AGF combines the kindness, benevolence and high skills of all medical practitioners in the KCP community to create awareness within the community on key health tips often overlooked and to also serve the Jenta community with free bi-annual medical outreaches. They undertake these activities with a high sense of purpose and unity among them. The Health AGF is a beauty to behold in action.

Supervising Pastor: Ebun Oglegba

In our quest to solve the debilitating problems of youth restiveness due to unemployment and unemploy-ability, the Impact AGF was formed to collate the business minds of individuals with deep passion for enterprise building and ownership. The Impact AGF has taken great strides towards fulfilling its mandate to be vanguards of responsible entrepreneurs, they have set up the Impact Funds initiative which is a soft loan broker to members of the KCP community who have ideas but lack funds to bring their aspirations to life. But beyond funds, the Impact AGF comprises of personnel who possess tremendous knowledge in business and all its concerns. They are savvy practitioners of their diverse areas of operation willing to offer advice and consultations to young and new startups in the KCP community.

Impact AGF has gone another step to resuscitate a quickly dying human endeavor: Reading. The AGF has launched its library with a rich pool of books with genres relevant to enterprise building and operation.

Supervising Pastor: Mrs. Tonia Whyte

The Education AGF seeks to restore accurate knowledge relevant for today’s human being. In our nation where paper certificates carry more clout than an individual’s capacity to learn and practice a discipline, the Education AGF bears the burden to lend their collective talents and skill sets to be catalysts for transformation in understanding education beyond the four walls of a classroom. The education AGF has been pivotal in ensuring our flagship schools are run with every sense of adherence to our Vision for sound wholistic education to our pupils and students in the Kingdom Citizens’ International School and the Kingdom Citizens’ College.

They have also worked in collaboration with Patris Empowerment Initiative to offer support to disadvantaged schools under public ownership. Offering scholarship through its excellent performance scholarship scheme.