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Couples in Covenant

Supervising Pastor: Collins Usiade

This is our in house fellowship body eligible for all married members of the KCP community. We meet regularly to break bread and to keep the warmth of friendship alive and well amongst members. In our own efforts we have our annual Breakfast seminar for all couples both within and outside the community, it is tagged “Rekindling Romance”. It is a fun and deeply engaging forum that is well attended and highly appreciated judging from attendees’ feedback reviews.

Couples in Covenant will remain strong because KCP understands the place of the family in society. Efforts are made for this unit of society to be perverted but we stand to prove wrong any indication that family as we received it from God is a failed contract.

Boundless 1935

Supervising Pastor: Agada Stephen Michael

KCP is a church well received by teeming youths from diverse endeavours of life, as such we set up a bonding and fellowship body aptly called Boundless 1935 for all youths in the KCP community between the ages of 19 to 35 years. We have fun activities relevant for youths; hiking, hang outs, community service, etc.

Boundless also has its flagship program tagged “Trends”. This is aimed at highlighting a trending phenomenon in our immediate society and attempt to present it as God would. Trends has been highly successful in uniting our youths towards a common cause, it is very educative, enlightening and empowering. Boundless 1935 will keep waxing strong from fresh ideas and strict obedience to the overriding Will of God for our lives as young people.